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Embalming Advert based
on a Herodotus text

Expensive - the Full-Monty
1. Draw out the brain through the nostrils
2. Take out the whole contents of the belly, and clean the interior with palm-wine and spices.
3. Fill the belly with pure myrrh, cassia and other spices except frankincense, and sew it together again.
4. Cover up in natron for seventy days.
5. Wash the corpse and roll it up in fine linen.

Reasonably priced - won’t cost you an arm and leg
1. Fill the belly with oil of cedar-wood using a syringe by the breech, which is plugged to stop the drench from returning back; it dissolves the bowels and interior organs.
2. After the appointed number of days with the natron treatment the cedar oil it let out and the corpse is left as skin and the bones.
3. Returned the corpse the family.

For those on a tight budget
1. Cleanse out the belly with a purge.
2. Keep the body for seventy days of natron treatment.
3. Return the corpse to the family.

The Hieroglyphic Print Machine Version 2

The Software’s functions include the ability to make greetings cards, T-Shirts and posters. The tool set allows you to make text, lines, squares and ellipses. You can import your own images and adjust them in the picture editor. The greetings card function gives you four different card types and the T-shirt function will automatically reverse your text and images for printing on transfer paper.

I’ve created hundreds of new glyphs including 388 ancient Egyptian words with their English translations. There are 143 alphabet, syllabic, determinative, numbers signs, decorative backgrounds, cartouches and gods names.

Although this is partly a fun product it also has a serious scholarly element with the inclusion of the Gardiner’s Sign List. At the moment the software contains 223 Gardiner signs but will eventually be expanded to include the complete list which you will be able to download as expansion packs.

You can now write secret ancient Egyptian messages to your friends and have fun creating all sorts Egyptian themed stuff with your printer.


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Egyptian Cult Temples for the iPad

The mystery of Egyptian cult temples explained, illustrated with six videos, photos, drawings and 30 highly detailed computer generated reconstructions.

For the iPad

For Mac, Windows (7, XP or Vista) & Linux

Blackberry Playbook version