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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 002

I hope you had a good Christmas.
This month's newsletter features two audio items so make yourself a nice cup of tea (or coffee) put your feet up, sit back and enjoy the story of Hatshepsut and Napoleon in Egypt. I also think you’ll like the featured website which allows you to zoom into satellite photos of the Theban temples.

This month’s freebee is two high resolution photos showing tomb and temple paintings. You can have them for your personal use but not for commercial use.

Happy New Year

Mark Millmore


The first person to email me the correct answer will get a temple of Isis Poster  Tip the answer is in this Newsletter - This is now closed *Click to Subscribe*

Math Worksheet Creator

Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator Update. New template for 7-9 year olds >> *Click Here*
The Worksheet Creator is primarily a teaching aid but it is also for anyone who wants to have a bit of fun with mathematics Egyptian style. More>>

Temple Reconstructing

Over the next few months I'll reveal how I made the 3D reconstruction of the great pylon at Luxor Temple for my book Imagining Egypt. In part one we travel to Egypt and study the actual temple. *Click Here*

Imagining Egypt

Dust jacket. Here is a low res pdf image *Click Here* to see it.

See three sample PDF pages from the Hieroglyphs chapter and Land of the Dead Chapter
*click here* to download them.

For more info about the book go to

Featured Website

Theban Mapping Project

Since its inception in 1978, the Theban Mapping Project has been working on an archaeological database of Thebes together with its thousands of tombs and temples.

The site has all sorts of resources including two wonderful interactive atlases of the Valley of the Kings and the Theban Necropolis.

The Valley of the Kings map comes with a picture and audio commentary, 3D models and plans of the tombs.

The Theban Necropolis atlas is a satellite map with zoom in and out functions.

The site also contains an excellent Bibliography, a Glossary of terms and a section on how to become an Egyptologist with links to the major universities in the world that offer courses. This is one of my favorite websites

Egyptian Book of the
Dead & Elysian Fields

By Gallica, Doreen Messenger B.A., B.Sc., A.R.I.C.

Check out these hand tinted photographs taken inside tombs during the early 1920's. Many of the paintings were still intact in those days and the details are beautifu. *Click Here*

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Ancient Letters

Papyrus Berlin 8523 - This month's ancient letter was written by an ordinary bloke - one  Shed-su-khonsu (during the 21st Dynasty - 1096-945 B.C). He had made his decision about a piece of land, had given his orders and that was an end to it. But after Mrs Shed-su-khonsu had words on the subject changed his mind.

From the troop captain and scribe of the Temple of Khonsu Shed-su-khonsu to the Kushite (Nubian) Pay-neb-andjed. I greet you in life, prosperity, and health and in the favor of Amun-Ra, King of the Gods, your good lord. May he give you life, prosperity, and health.

It was after I had told you "I will not let you plough the field anymore." that I returned to Thebes and my wife, the Mistress of my house, said to me, "Do not take away this field from Pay-neb-andjed."
I then said, "Let him have it and plough it."

When you receive this letter, you will tend the field and not be careless about it. You will weed and plough it and you will plant one arura (2700 sq meters) of the land with vegetables.
If anyone challenges you (concerning this land) you will go to Wer-djehouty, the Scribe of the Reckoning at the temple of Osiris, and you will take this letter with you.

I have given you my field of land and my marshy field also. Keep this letter in order that it may serve for you as an authorization. 

Imagining Egypt

I've just received a pre-publication copy of the book and I must say the quality of the printing and production looks fantastic. I been given the 5th of March 2007 as the date for publication in the USA and Canada. You will be able to order form you local bookshops or obtain a special signed limited edition with a CD ROM and a bookmark from my website.

I've been allocated around 600 copies for this special edition but there are around 2000 people subscribed to this newsletter and the reserve list is growing - so if you want to guarantee a copy for yourself *click here* and send me an email to reserve a copy.

I've started designing the Hieroglyphic Print Machine, which will come with the book *Click Here* to see the preliminary interface graphic and specifications.
Ancient Egyptian Radio programs & Podcasts

There are many audio articles about ancient Egypt scattered around the internet and from time to time I'll be featuring some of the best ones. 

About ten years ago I wrote a short web article about Hatshepsut ('The Woman Who Was King'). This web page has had around a million hits and been plagiarized all over the internet, so it is safe to assume that Hatshepsut is popular. I admire Hatshepsut's achievements and those of her nephew Thutmose III and they both feature in my book Imagining Egypt. So for those of you who do not know of her
*Click Here* listen to Sam Waterston tell the story of the famous Egyptian queen.

The war between Britain and France went on for around twenty years. It was a global struggle that changed the world and part of it was fought in Egypt. As an English man I'm please we beat the French and robbed them of the Rosetta Stone. But the French must take the credit for pioneering the art and science of Egyptology and Napoleon, more than any one else, was responsible. David Markham the internationally acclaimed Napoleonic scholar is interviewed about Napoleon in Egypt. *Click Here*

 Free Stuff

This month I've selected two high resolution photos depicting Egyptian art. I took these pictures while in Egypt colleting material for my book. One is from Hatshepsut's temple and the other is from the tomb of Menna.

You can print these photos for your personal use but not for commercial purposes.
*Click Here*-
The Discovering Egypt Newsletter
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