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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 003

February was a very busy month finishing off a number of projects - one of which was the publication of my book Imagining Egypt. With the help of my friend Simon Fletcher we created a brand new software product called The Hieroglyphic Print Machine. It comes free with the book and is also included with lots of other stuff on a CD ROM which is only available with the special edition of Imagining Egypt. More of that below.

There is a mathematics theme to this Newsletter and the competition will test your mathematical skills.There is also some great audio content from the BBC, a game you can play online, a nice little program called 'Egyptian Note Paper' and lots of other stuff.

I hope you enjoy it.



The first person to email me the correct answer will get a temple of Isis Poster  Tip the answer is in this Newsletter - This is now closed *Click to Subscribe*

Mathematics in Ancient Egypt

Did the Ancient Egyptians possess an ingenious skill for calculation? Assem Deif works out an ancient problem *Click Here*

*Click Here* to check out the review of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator in the DURBS magazine

Temple Reconstructing

Part Two - 3D reconstruction of the great pylon at Luxor Temple. In part two we look at 'Bump Maps' there is also a video of work in progress.
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Imagining Egypt

*Click Here* to read the Publishers Weekly review.

Dust jacket * Click Here* to see it.

*click here* to download three sample pages from Imagining Egypt

Pharaoh's Tomb

Check out this free to play on line computer game - Explore dark corners and rooms collect treasure but avoid dangerous spikes and bugs.
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King Tut Rules Franklin Institute *Click Here*

Dome to stage Tutankhamun exhibition. *Click Here*

Tutankhamun Exhibition
2007 - 2008
*Click Here*

Thieves find pharaohs' dentists *Click Here*

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Ancient Letters

The Charioteer
This translation of an ancient inscription shows they had boy racers in ancient Egypt.

"He squanders his patrimony on an expensive chariot which he drives furiously.

When he has acquired a fine span of horses he is overjoyed and tears madly around his home town with them. But he does not know what is in store for him.

When he reaches the mountains he has to cast his expensive chariot into a thicket and go on foot. When he reports back he is beaten with a hundred blows."

From The Egyptians by Cyril Aldred.

Imagining Egypt

My book is now published. You can get it in most good bookshops in the USA and Canada. There is also a limited distribution in the UK.

But there a Special Edition which is only available from my website. You not only get the 192 page book packed with hundreds of illustrations and signed by me of course, but it also comes with a souvenir bookmark and the free CD ROM.

The CD contains four software programs including the Hieroglyphic Print Machine, Eyelid Sudoku, the 2008 Egyptian Monuments Calendar, a Special Edition Screen Saver, six Movies Flythroughs of temple reconstructions, a stunning Desktop Background of Hypostyle Hall at the Temple of Karnak, The Discovering Egypt Theme Music by world renowned jazz saxophonist Andy Sheppard, A printable Senet Board. As well as all that you get preliminary sketches paintings, drawings, etchings, more movies and lots of other stuff.  The special edition is only available at

Ancient Egyptian Radio programs & Podcasts

Voices from Ancient Egypt Gallery
By John Ray

This excellent web page by the BBC is also my featured website for this Newsletter  it is excellent  thumbs up for the BBC.

The pages bring to life six characters from ancient Egypt through translations of their letters and inscriptions.

There is a transcript of the writings and also six real player auto readings by actors.

The voice of Heqanakhte, the cantankerous farmer lives again. "Now, what do you mean by having Sihathor coming to me" he says, "with old, dried-out, northern barley from Memphis, instead of giving me ten sacks of good, new barley?" then in a truculent voice says "Fine - You're happy, eating good new barley while I'm going without."

The six people include the Explorer, the Princess, the Mayor, the Dancer, Soldier and Farmer. These are words of real people of ancient Egypt
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 Free Stuff

This is a little program that lets you print out two artfully designed note papers. The first one is a piece of papyrus against a temple background and the other is has a header which says 'Greeting Friend" in hieroglyphs. (Sorry it is for the PC only)

Print out as many as you want and use them to write messages. *Click Here* to download

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