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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 004

I've been very busy with the publication of my book, working flat out on two other projects and taking my Discovering Egypt lecture to schools here in the UK. So I apologise for this April Newsletter in May.

I'm also off to Indonesia for two weeks this month to conduct a photographic survey and carry out research into making computer generated reconstructions of the temples of Borobudur and Prambanan in Central Java. I'll show some of the photos in the next Newsletter.

The Theme of this Newsletter is Mummies I hope you enjoy it.



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VLC Media Player

The first tomb to be found in the Valley of the Kings since the discovery of King Tutankhamun in 1922 by Howard Carter.
KV-63 website>>
Archaeology Magazine>>

Temple Reconstructing

Sorry Part Three will have to wait until the next Newsletter.
Here is a link to Part Two
*Click Here*

Imagining Egypt

The book has been well received internationally - it was recently featured at the London Book Fair and the Publishers are in the process of negotiating the foreign language rights.
Here are latest reviews
Durbs is a South African Magazine
The review is by Hanlie Koekemoer – South Africa's answer to Dame Edna Everage
*Click Here*

My local Newspaper – The Hereford Times has also reviewed the book
*Click Here*

24Dash review *Click Here*

*Click Here* to read the Publishers Weekly review.

Dust jacket *Click Here* to see it.

*click here* to download three sample pages from Imagining Egypt.

*Click Here* to find out more about Imagining Egypt.

Featured Website

This website has a number of tools designed for people interested in the language and literature of ancient Egypt. There's an English-Egyptian dictionary and you can compose sentences using a web-based tool for writing in hieroglyphs.

A Quest for Hatshepsut

We know of only four women who became pharaohs in ancient Egypt. Hatshepsut is the most famous one. More>>

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Ancient Letters

Precepts of lord Ptah-hotep
Ptah-hotep was vizier under Jedkare Isesi 2350 BC - I admire the thoughts of this very ancient and honourable man. Here is one of his guidelines for all the sleazy and corrupt politicians.

“If you have become great after having been little, if you have become rich after having been poor, when you are at the head of the city, know how not to take advantage of the fact that you have reached the first rank.

Harden not your heart because of your elevation; you are become only the administrator, the prefect, of the provisions which belong to Ptah.

Put not behind you the neighbor who is like you; be unto him as a companion."

Mystery of the Great Pyramid

A French architect claims to have solved the mystery of how Egypt's Great Pyramid was built. Jean-Pierre Houdin said the 4,500-year-old pyramid was built using an inner ramp to lift the massive stones into place.

You might have to download the activeX control to run the 3D Life Player and you will need a broadband connection to see the presentation but it is worth the effort

This is my website of the month

*Click Here*

Ancient Egyptian Radio programs & Podcasts

If you are interested in Egyptian mummies this is for you.
First check out this little video ‘The lost mummy of Rameses I' (founder of the 19th Dynasty) discovered in Niagara Falls? *Click Here*

Who Was Rameses I? by Peter Tyson
*Click Here*

Salima Ikram is an Egyptologist at the American University in Cairo. Here is a podcast, an audio slide show and an interview all about mummies.

A Mummy's Life *Click Here*

Making Mummies *Click Here*

The Afterlife
An interview with Egyptologist Salima Ikram
*Click Here*

Te Papa is a museum in New Zealand
The display of human remains in museums
Dr Seddon Bennington and Te Taru White, Chief Executive and Kaihautu of Te Papa discuss some of the issues surrounding the display of mummies and other human remains in museums *Click Here*

You can also find lots of info about mummies in my book Imagining Egypt *Click Here*
  Ancient World Conference

Reading University on 15th and 16th September 2007.
A series of illustrated lectures from a panel of experts such as film maker and historian Michael Wood who is well known for his thought provoking and exciting television series.

Other experts include Bettany Hughes, Professor Kent Weeks and Dr Sabry Abd El Aziz, head of the Egyptology Sector at the Supreme Council of Antiquities

To find out more and how book your place
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 Free Desktop Background

A Desktop Background detailing a wall carved with hieroglyphs from the temple of Dendara. Screen resolution 1400X1050 
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