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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 006

This newsletter includes audio and video documentaries; there is a great panoramic photo of the first courtyard at Medinet Habu, some interesting news items, a free download and the final part in the Luxor Pylon Reconstruction. Plus other stuff.

I've just launched the Imagining Egypt Photo Collection. This is a selection from the 1000 photographs my wife and I made during the 2005 photo shoot for the Imagining Egypt book. They include about 90 super high quality photos of temple and tomb walls and there are more to come in the future.

I must thank Cherie Baker for her review of Imagining Egypt in the New Zealand Egyptology Newsletter – thanks for your comments about my book and I agree with your remarks about The Quest By Wilbur Smith – it's a second-rate, poorly written load of nonsense and like you I could not finish it.

Finally I was disappointed by the multitude of incorrect answers to the last newsletter's competition. Only one person got both questions right - well done Eric Tee Jee Hau from Malaysia who won the Discovering Egypt CD ROM. So I've made this competition easier but there is only one prize for the first correct answer and the future competitions might be more difficult.

I hope you enjoy this newsletter.



The first person to email me the correct answer will get a temple of Isis Poster  Tip the answer is in this Newsletter - This is now closed *Click to Subscribe*

Medinet Habu – panorama

Check out the Medinet Habu – panorama *Click Here*.

Temple Reconstructing

Here is part Part Four - making the Obelisks and Lighting Effects 
*Click Here*

Imagining Egypt

Here are latest reviews
A Modern Journal Of Ancient Egypt *Click Here*
Durbs is a South African Magazine *Click Here*
Hereford Times 
*Click Here*
24Dash *Click Here*
Publishers Weekly review. *Click Here*
Dust jacket *Click Here* and
*click here* to download three sample pages from Imagining Egypt.

*Click Here* to find out more about Imagining Egypt.

Ancient Egyptian Radio
programs & Podcasts

These podcast not only have audio but are illustrated with slide shows.

This is an in depth study of a Statue of Osiris
*Click Here*

The Scarab in Ancient Egypt examines the role of the scarab beetle in religion and funerary art. *Click Here*

Featured Website

Discovery Channel : Beyond - These video documentaries are samples of the Discovery Channel’s TV shows. They use flash so you shouldn’t have a problem viewing them in your browser. There’re a few annoying adverts but the page is well put together.

The clips about Hatshepsut are worth watching.
*Click Here*

Free Download

A photo from the Imagining Egypt photo collection in the form of a desktop background.

*Click Here* to download it.

Worksheet Creator Update

If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator here is a new free template.

Find the missing numbers
Question Sheet
Answer Sheet

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player
This is something you might find useful - it is a cross-platform media player for your computer.

It plays various audio and video formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, Flac, DVDs, VCDs and just about any media format you might come across. What’s more it is no strings attached FREE

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Ancient Letters

A Marriage Agreement
Prenuptial agreements in ancient Egypt could result not only in impoverishment but also in physical injury. This is an example of a Marriage agreement between a bridegroom and his future father-in-law

In the Year 23, the first month of the Planting Season and on day five Telmontu confirmed to the Chief Workman Khonsu and the Scribe Amun-nakht, son of Ipui, that Nakhemmut made an Oath of the Lord to the effect that he will never abandon my daughter. He swore, as Amun lives and as the Ruler lives "If I should turn away to leave the daughter of Telmontu at any time, I will receive a hundred blows and be deprived of all profits that I have made with her”.
Ostracon Bodleian Library 253

Careers for Women in Ancient Egypt

My book contiunes to sell well The Discovery Book Club have taken 1350 copies and it is now avaliable in Australia. The Special edition continues to sell off the website.

Note. It has come to my notice that the version of the 2008 Ancient Monuments Calendar, which comes free with the special edition of Imagining Egypt, has a slight error.
Although the days of the month for April are correct the page is labeled ‘April 2007’.

I’ve corrected this in an updated version which you can now download. *Click here* and have your copy of Imagining Egypt to hand - go to page 125, Second column. The password is the first word on the fifth line

The Imagining Egypt photo collection

The Imagining Egypt photo collection is now available it contains over 90 super high quality 300dpi photos. They range in size from 2128 pixels about 7.1 inches 18cm to a massive 13369 pixels that’s about 44 inches 111cm (over one meter). With these photos it is possible to clearly define and read all the hieroglyphs on an obelisk or pylon wall.
*Click Here*

The 2008 Egyptian Photo Calendar contains twelve Photographs from ‘The Imaging Egypt Photo Collection’
*Click Here*

There is also a 2008 Ancient Egyptian Monuments Calendar *Click Here*


The 27th Dynasty tomb of Sekhemet-Nefret found in Saqqara:-
An ancient Egyptian noblewoman’s stone coffin has been found near the pyramid of Unas *Click Here*

Pyramids still the only wonder - Egypt has reacted to the whole New Seven Wonders hype by saying the pyramids of Giza remain the only wonder of the world.

And Egypt is right because with all our modern technology, heath and safety, insolent trade union leaders and save the earth protesters we couldn’t build them today. *Click Here* for the Middle East Times comment

Egyptians, not Greeks were true fathers of medicine
Scientists examining documents dating back 3,500 years say they have found proof that the origins of modern medicine lie in ancient Egypt and not with Hippocrates and the Greeks.
*Click Here*

Ancient Egyptian priest settlement uncovered
The priests who worshipped Thoth the god of learning, writing and mathematics liked drinking and gambling.
*Click Here*

Ancient Egypt Cities Leveled by Massive Volcano.
A new find seems to confirm accounts from ancient Egypt that tell of the devastation of coastal cities during the 15th dynasty (1650-1550 B.C.)
*Click Here*
KMT: A Modern Journal Of Ancient Egypt

Fall 2007:- This quarter’s magazine features the Funerary Monuments of Amenhotep III - illustrated with some excellent photos showing stone blocks found at the mortuary temple of Merrneptah. These are interesting because they were quarried from the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III and the backsides are covered in low raised relief carvings of Amenhotep still with some of the original paint work. They demonstrate the high quality and more refined art of the earlier 18th dynasty.

Other articles include the Egyptian Hall of London’s Crystal Palace which is of particular interest to me because of the photos of Victorian temple reconstructions.

Thutmose III’s eighth Campaign (one of my favorite pharaohs)

And Egypt on stage featuring the Operas Aida & Akhinaten – Although my wife and I love the opera I must confess to not liking Aida – Aida lies and betrays her foolish lover Radames and her father who, after being defeated, is shown mercy and kindness by pharaoh continues his plots to destroy Egypt. The idiot Radames who is besotted by Aida does not even attempt to clear himself of the treason charges. They deserve their fate. I’ve not seen Akhinaten but quite like the music of Philip Glass. *Click Here*


The Discovering Egypt Newsletter
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