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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 008

In this newsletter you will find out about policing methods in ancient Egypt, there is a report on ancient toothpaste, a new free software download called Hieroglyphica, some fun stuff, Egypt’s top 10: obelisks and lots of other stuff.

I’ve begun work on a series of temple reconstructions which I hope to develop into a book. During 2008 subscribers to this newsletter will be able to access private viewings of work in progress. The first of these temple reconstructions ‘The Barque Station’ is now complete.

Thanks to the 534 of you who emailed congratulation on the birth of my son Milo. That was very kind sorry I could not thank you all individually. The little lad is doing well and is already a bit of a character – chip off the old block.

Hope you enjoy this issue of the Discovering Egypt Newsletter and all the best for the New Year.



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Discovering Ancient Egypt

Half price special offer for the readers of this Newsletter. The offer for the Discovering Ancient Egypt CD ROM (Windows® and Macintosh®) You can also get the special price with the CD Bundle -
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Fun for kids & adults too

This just uses Hieroglyphic symbols as part of a game but it's fun *Click Here*

Nice Flash Timeline
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Barque Station

I’m in the process of developing the content for a new book of temple reconstructions. I’ve just finished the reconstruction of a Barque Station these were resting places for the statue of the god when journeying outside the temple during festival processions.
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Ancient Egyptian Toothpaste

The world's oldest-known formula for toothpaste, used more than 1,500 years before Colgate began marketing the first commercial brand in 1873, has been discovered on a piece of dusty papyrus in the basement of a Viennese museum.
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Egypt's top 10: obelisks

By Zahi Hawass
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Radio & Podcasts

In the early 1900's many of the tombs of the pharaohs were raided by thieves and the stolen artefacts ended up in the hands of private collectors.
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Doug Irvine is a musician, composer and instrument builder. His primary interest is the music of the Middle East and re-creating the sounds and instruments of its early civilizations. *Click Here*

Doug’s website *Click Here*

Tutankhamun in London

London welcomes the treasures of the world's most famous pharaoh. In 1972, 1.7 million guests (including me) visited the London Tutankhamun exhibition.

Now, after more than 30 years, Tutankhamun's riches return to London.
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Worksheet Creator Update

If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator here is a new free template.
Find the missing numbers
Question Sheet
Answer Sheet

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Ancient Letters

Ancient Egyptian police used reliable techniques when it came to interviewing suspects. They also knew how promote a sincere and garrulous dialogue.

The chief of police, Nesuamun, was asked: "How did you find these men?"
He said: "I had information that these six men had gone to rob the tomb, I found them and took testimony from them on that day. The examination of the thief Paykamen was held by beating with a rod which was applied to his feet and the oath of the king was administered to him so that he might be executed if he told a lie.

He said: 'That which I did is exactly what I have said.' He confirmed it with his mouth, saying: 'As for me, that which I did is what we all did; I was with these six men and I stole a piece of copper and I took possession of it.'"

An extract from the court records of the prosecution of tomb-robbers in the first year of Ramses X, The Mayer Papyri,

Imagining Egypt and other book ideas Egypt

I've just finished a new chapter to my children's novel set in ancient Egypt. But the graphic novel project is on hold while I develop a concept for a new book of temple reconstructions.

The special Imagining Egypt continues to sell well and there are still some available from the website. 
Here are latest reviews of Imagining Egypt
A Modern Journal Of Ancient Egypt
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Durbs is a South African Magazine
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Hereford Times 
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24Dash *Click Here*
Publishers Weekly review. *Click Here*
Dust jacket *Click Here*
*click here* to download three sample pages from Imagining Egypt.

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KV-63 website updated

How Pharaoh sailed to Karnak
New discoveries at Karnak Temple in Luxor have changed the landscape and the history of this great religious complex.
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Intact 4,500-year-old tomb chamber of an Egyptian dignitary found in the Abusir Pyramids area

  KMT - A Modern Journal Of Ancient Egypt

Winter 2007- 08 - This issue features ‘Ancient Egypt in the Bristol Museum – England, which incidentally is my old home town. I spent many days as a child on school trips and Saturday afternoons on my own studying and drawing the wonderful Egyptian exhibits there.

There is an excellent article on the Royal Pyramids of the Kingdom of Kush which is in present day Sudan makes me want to do a CGI reconstruction.

The Egyptian collection of bologna in Italy is covered and there is a well illustrated story of moving the Luxor Temple obelisk to Paris in the 19th century – always thought that was a bad move because the temple façade looks unbalanced. All outdoor Egyptian sculptures would be better off in Egypt and safe from rain erosion.

 Free Stuff

The database includes 4675 signs

VLC Media Player
This is something you might find useful - it is a cross-platform media player for your computer.
It plays various audio and video formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, Flac, DVDs, VCDs and just about any media format you might come across. What’s more it is no strings attached FREE

GIMP is an Image Manipulation Program similar to Photoshop for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring
Note: you will also need to downlaod and install the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment, which you can download from the Gimp web page.


The Discovering Egypt Newsletter
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