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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 010

Firstly I would like to thank Marijke Engelse, Joe Holt, Susan Daniels and Mike Easton for the excellent photos they sent of Luxor, Karnak and Edfu. Some of these photos have useful information which is helping me reconstruct Edfu temple. You can see progress so far in this newsletter.

There is also some downloads and a great competition - Dorling Kindersley have given me two copies of Egyptorium to give away as prizes.

There are previews of the multi book Egyptorium and the illustrations I made for it, Egyptorium Videos, downloadable templates and instructions on how to make an Egyptorium flick book. You could also win tickets to the Tutankhamun Exhibition in London.

I hope you enjoy this tenth edition of the Discovering Egypt Newsletter.


Free Game

Bricks of Egypt is a basic Breakout type game with an ancient Egypt theme.
*Click Here*

Edfu Reconstruction

Edfu is my latest reconstruction and I’m not only using info from my own photos but also some of the photos that were sent after my appeal in the last newsletter.
*Click Here*
to Check out the progress so far

Who Was Howard Carter?

Howard Carter has been immortalised as the doughty Egyptologist who discovered Tutankhamun's long-forgotten tomb in the Valley of the Kings. But he almost ended his days as a part-time antique dealer.
*Click Here*

Who Was Akhenaten?

Akhenaten is one of ancient Egypt's most intriguing kings. We don't know why he set about replacing the pantheon of traditional Egyptian gods with just one deity, but we do know that it was the most radical religious shake-up in the civilisation's entire history. *Click Here*

Who Was Nefertiti?

Ancient Egyptian queens were renowned for their beauty and Nefertiti was probably the most beautiful queen of all. Much of her life is a mystery but it's clear that Nefertiti wasn't just a pretty face, she was an accomplished stateswoman who may even have ruled Egypt in her own right. *Click Here*

Who Was Tutankhamun?

Ever since Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's mummy and tomb in 1922, we've been fascinated by the 18th Dynasty boy king. How could one so young wield such power? And why did he die while still a youth?
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Tutankhamun in London

Aafter more than 30 years, Tutankhamun's treasures return to London.
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Win Tickets to the King Tutankhamun Exhibition.
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Web Videos

Temples of Doom
The gift of the Nile, Egypt owes its very existence to the waters of the great river, which for thousands of years has made barren land fertile, given life to one of history's great civilisations. Yet those same waters are now threatening some of the world's most spectacular monuments. The ancient temples of Luxor and Karnak, and several others in southern Egypt, are in real danger from rising ground water in the Nile Valley.

Temples of Doom - Part 1

Temples of Doom - Part 2

Egyptorium flick book

How to make an Egyptorium flick book. *Click Here*

Egyptorium Videos

Play the Egyptorium Videos.
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Discovering Ancient Egypt

 Half price special offer for the readers of this Newsletter. The offer for the Discovering Ancient Egypt CD ROM (Windows® and Macintosh®) You can also get the special price with the CD Bundle -
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Worksheet Creator Update

If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator
*click Here* for help and updates.

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Ancient Letters

This expressive fellow was some sort of government official and he’s not taking any nonsense from Khay who was the guardian of the Valley of the Kings and appears to have been up to some sort of mischief. 

There is a reference to Meretseger, she who loves silence, who was a cobra-goddess of the necropolis.

To the guardian Khay,

You will buy that which is connected with Meretseger and You will not select for buying just any old bull or any small cattle, or just any old dog, or just any old pig.

You are one who creates criminal plots with his own mouth and as for the measurement of fat, is it authorized?

You have consumed a great deal of fat, your ability for consuming fat is most unique.

I am a powerful controller of the interior. Therefore, if you start squabbling again, I will get involved in your examination and I shall throw you out of your office.

Anyhow, what are you capable of doing, here, in this holy village? - O man of greed.

I am determined to encounter you even if it means going to your village.

Translation of Ostracon Gardiner 5 from Studies in Egyptology, Jerusalem 1990

The Egyptorium competition

The Egyptorium competition is open until 20th May all correct entries will be put into a hat and my six month old son Milo, who grabs anything within reach, will pull out two winners.
I’ll endeavor to remove the winning selections before he eats them.

Egyptorium is now available – you might remember from Newsletter no 007 I made some illustrations for this collection of 10 little books inside one enormous book.  Dorling Kindersley have given me two copies as prizes for this newsletter competition.
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Imagining Egypt

Imagining Egypt Czechoslovak edition
The Czech language edition of Imagining Egypt will be publish in June 2008

The special Imagining Egypt continues to sell well and there are still some available from the website. 
Here are latest reviews of Imagining Egypt
A Modern Journal Of Ancient Egypt
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Durbs is a South African Magazine
*Click Here*
Hereford Times 
*Click Here*
24Dash *Click Here*
Publishers Weekly review. *Click Here*
Dust jacket *Click Here*
*click here* to download three sample pages from Imagining Egypt.

*Click Here* to find out more about Imagining Egypt.

 John Romer's Ancient Lives

Jim Hill has been trying to obtain a copy of the Channel 4 series by John Romer called Ancient Lives.

I remember that TV programme when it was first shown and it was a great inspiration to me at the time.

I contacted Channel 4, here in the UK, and asked if Ancient Lives as well as Romer's Egypt and The Rape of Tutankhamun are available on DVD.
Jessicka Burton at Channel 4 was kind enough to respond to my enquiries.
“Unfortunately, these programmes were not released through Channel 4 Video and we have no plans to do so in the future”
Which is a pity. She went on to say
“We receive hundreds of calls and letters requesting copies of programmes that were not released on video………..”
If this is true then Channel 4 is excluding itself from a business opportunity.

There are around 2000 subscribers to this newsletter and perhaps one of you out there has a recording of Ancient Lives and could help Jim out. In fact I’d love to see that series again - it was brilliant.

So, if any of you have videos/DVDs which you would like to share/swap send me your list. I’ll put the list on the next newsletter and then connect subscribers who desire with subscribers who have. *Click Here*

 Free Stuff

Desk top publishing - PagePlus SE gives you a wide range of preset document layouts to help you design professional-looking documents. Choose from greetings cards, booklets, banners, posters. This is a completely free program but you will have to register it to make it work. *Click Here*

FastStone Image Viewer
A fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. I use this in preference to Adobe Bridge which a clunky resource heavy program prone to lockups and crashing.

The database includes 4675 signs

VLC Media Player
This is something you might find useful - it is a cross-platform media player for your computer.
It plays various audio and video formats such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, Flac, DVDs, VCDs and just about any media format you might come across. What’s more it is no strings attached FREE

GIMP is an Image Manipulation Program similar to Photoshop for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring
Note: you will also need to downlaod and install the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment, which you can download from the Gimp web page.

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