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Ancient Egypt Newsletter 011

There was a huge response to the Egyptorium competition with over 300 correct answers. These were vigorously shaken about in a hat and my son Milo removed the names of Janet Graham from the UK and Anna Angus from the USA. They both received a copy of Egyptoium.

After the feedback concerning the John Romer question in the last Newsletter I’ve been searching the web for anything to do with the great man and have discovered some videos of Ancient Lives and lots of other stuff. So the theme of the newsletter is John Romer.

May is the month I spend all my spare time preparing my tropical garden for the English summer. So I’ve not had much time to do anything Egyptian (Although I have made some updates to the Discovering Egypt website). So instead of the second part of the Edfu reconstruction I’ve got some photos from 2007 of the flourishing palms, tree ferns, banana plants and other large leaf monsters in my garden in the middle of England.

I hope you enjoy this eleventh edition of the Discovering Egypt Newsletter.



No time for a new competition this month so I’ve repackaged last month’s competition – if you get all the answers correct you will get a free download.
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Missing Pyramid Found in Egypt - June 5: Egypt's chief archeologist, Zahi Hawas said his team had uncovered the missing pyramid of an ancient pharaoh who ruled more than 4,000 years ago.

Wine In Ancient Egypt

By Menna El-Dorry
Unlike the common Egyptian’s domestically brewed beer, wine was made exclusively for royalty and elite, being brewed on special large-scale facilities primarily owned by the royal family.
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Website Updates

These pages have all been updated with new material.

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Imagining Egypt

Imagining Egypt Czechoslovak edition
The Czech language edition of Imagining Egypt will be publish in June 2008

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Ever since Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's mummy and tomb in 1922, we've been fascinated by the 18th Dynasty boy king. How could one so young wield such power? And why did he die while still a youth?
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Discovering Ancient Egypt

 Half price special offer for the readers of this Newsletter. The offer for the Discovering Ancient Egypt CD ROM (Windows® and Macintosh®) You can also get the special price with the CD Bundle -
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Worksheet Creator Update

If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator
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Ancient Letters

Egypt was the richest country in the ancient world not just in gold and other precious products. Its huge agricultural surpluses fed other peoples such as the Hittites and in later times Rome. Egypt was both revered and envied by foreigners and the Egyptians considered themselves to be the most fortunate of peoples.

This is how the city of Rameses was described by the poet Paibes -
Its fields are full of all good things and it has provisions and sustenance every day. Its channels abound in fish and its lakes in birds. Its plots are green with herbage and its banks bear dates. Its granaries are overflowing with barley and wheat and they reach unto the sky. Fruits and fish are there for sustenance and wine from the vineyards of Kankeme surpassing honey. He who dwells there is happy: and there the humble man is like the great elsewhere.
From Tutankhamun’s Egypt by Cyril Aldred

John Romer Videos

John Romer has been a great inspiration to me. I discovered his work in the mid-1980s. His books and films evoke the human dimension of ancient Egyptian society. Especially his BBC the TV series Romer’s Egypt and Ancient Lives which are intimate and moving portrayals of actual ancient people.
*click Here* to see some episodes of Ancient Lives as well as a few other TV programes

John Romer Resources

British Egyptologist John Romer has created and appeared in many TV archaeology series such as Romer's Egypt, Ancient Lives, Testament, The Seven Wonders of the World, Byzantium and Great Excavations.

John Romer Resource Page - Although this was last updated on May 22, 2005 there is still a lot of interesting info*Click Here*

Secret of the pyramids -"We have lost the skills of ordering huge numbers of intelligent, highly skilled craftsmen. It's a world we don't know anymore." - 60 Minutes presents a live interview with archaeologist and pyramid expert John Romer.*Click Here*

Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World DVD
John Romer explores the mystical aspects of the Seven Wonders, and considers the enduring fascination of Pyramids, specifically the Ancient Egyptian Pyramids Of Giza.
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Ancient Lives Book Reviewed by Hmt. Rev. Tamara Siuda (AUS)*Click Here*


Summer 2008 I n c l u d e s:
The Thrones of Tutankhamen -Marianne Eaton-Krauss discusses “Seats of Power:
The Animal Mummies of Abu Rawash by Salima Ikram & Alain Charron.
Lost Kingdoms of the Nile  Nubian Treasures from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 
Spaces Between The Role of Streets in Ancient Egypt” is investigated by Robert E. Hughes. This includes maps diagrams and some reconstructions
Finger Rings in Ancient Egypt - Earl L. Ertman explores their function & absence in artistic representation.
The Birth of Egypt’s Last God By Dylan Bickerstaffe
Antinous, a favourite of the roman emperor Hadrian, drowns in the Nile by accident or as a sacrifice? Then has a city built in his honour and is made a god. 

Tropical Garden

I’ve been growing exotic plants for around seven years here in the UK. Believe it or not we get more hours of daylight in the summer than in tropical countries. Of course in the winter I have to dig up most of these fragile monsters and store them in pots in my conservatory. But a few of the palm trees don’t mind the English winter and one of my Banana plants (Musa sikkimensis) stays in the ground and just needs to be covered in a tower of straw for the winter months.
*Click Here* to see photos.
If you would like to grow tropical plants from seed go to
 Free Stuff

Bulk File Renamer
Bexonsoft Bulk File Renamer is a free software application which saves time when renaming archives of files such as graphic files from cameras or the internet and any file extension that windows recognizes. I find this program very useful especially for photos and audio/radio files.

Previous free downloads
PagePlus SE - desktop publisher

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VLC Media Player

GIMP - poor man's photoshop but it's good
Note: you will also need to downlaod and install the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment, which you can download from the Gimp web page.

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