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Newsletter 013

I’m still working on the Edfu reconstruction and will feature the progress in the next newsletter. The image above is a detail of the pronaos.

This newsletter is packed with Egyptian news, games and videos. It also features some of the other projects I’ve been working on and includes free downloads and my new ancient Egyptian Greetings cards plus a limited number of cards of African wildlife

I've colleted together some of the temple reconstructions that I made during 2008 for the new 2009 Egyptian Monuments Calendar. You can get it at:

This will be the last newsletter of 2008 so I’ll wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2009.


Ancient Letters
The Daily Routine of the Pharaohs
By Diodorus Siculus

Diodorus Siculus was a Sicilian Greek historian who lived from 90 to 21 BC His histories borrowed from other writers whose works are now lost. While not considered a great historian himself his work is a valuable record of the writers who came before him.

As far as the way of living of the kings of Egypt is concerned they were not like other monarchs who have absolute power to act everywhere according to their whim. Not only their official business, but also their daily domestic life was ordained by laws,

One may think it strange that the kings could not decide freely over their daily diet, it is even stranger that they did not administer justice and make decisions according to whim and that they were not allowed to punish somebody moved by fancy or anger or some other base cause, but had to keep to the letter of the in law every single case.

They obeyed these customs not with displeasure or reluctance; rather they were convinced that they were leading the happiest life.

Diodorus Siculus Historic Library Vol 1, Chapters 70 and 71 After a German translation by Julius Friedrich Wurm [1]

2009 Imagining Egypt Monuments Calendar
If you already own a copy of the Special Edition of my book Imagining Egypt you are entitled to a free copy of the 2009 Imagining Egypt Monuments Calendar

This is a small print program that you install on your computer. It contains thirteen A4/Letter size sheets plus an instruction sheet of how to assemble the calendar. (For all versions of Windows only)

There are 12 months illustrated with temple reconstructions from my book and a cover showing how the temples appear today.

You will need your copy of Imagining Egypt to get the password.
The User Name is: egypt
The password can be found on page 107
Second paragraph
First line
The Password is the third word.
*Click Here* to get your free calendar

Ancient Egyptian Greetings Cards
Ancient Egyptian Greeting Cards Barque Station from the Limited Edition Print and the Pylon of Rameses II at Luxor from Imagining Egypt.

The cards are A5 size 148mm X 210mm that’s 5.8in × 8.3in and printed on 350gsm card with envelopes in packs of five or ten

Tombs eternal - The ancient Egyptians and beyond
I was recently commission to make 50 illustrations for an exhibition about ancient Egypt by the Canadian Museum of Civilization. from: 19 December 2008 to 16 August 2009

Ancient Egyptian News

UCLA opens Egypt's first official archaeology field school for U.S. undergrads

Liverpool World Museum’s new Egyptian Gallery which opens next month. The battle girdle worn by the last of Egypt’s great battling pharaohs, Rameses III, is delicately coiled on a bed of layered tissues: a 3,000-year- old gem as priceless as our own crown jewels.


There’s more than one Rosetta Stone, says Egyptologist

After 36 years of globetrotting the lost eye of Amenhotep III is back in its homeland. http://weekly.ahram.org.eg/2008/914/fr2.htm 

Free Stuff
Although Microsoft Internet Explorer is the most used browser is actually the most troublesome and lags behind the current W3C standards. It is installed on PCs by default and people don't upgrade to a better browser out of inertia.

So check out this free browser and get better web surfing

Although Google Chrome is still in Beta this unfinished version still outperforms IE for speed of page download.

Previous free downloads

AbiWord Portable the lightweight word processor
Free Universal Video & Audio Converter
Bulk File Renamer
PagePlus SE - desktop publisher
FastStone Image Viewer
VLC Media Player
GIMP - poor man's photoshop but it's good
Note: you will also need to downlaod and install the GTK+ 2 Runtime Environment, which you can download from the Gimp web page.

The Discovering Egypt Newsletter
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Win the Amenemhat Desktop background - You must find your way around the labyrinth of Amenemhat’s tomb without touching the walls. The walls are studded with thousands of poison tipped razor sharp knives so be careful.  *click Here*

Royal Procession Scene from the Polish film Faraon showing the procession of the pharaoh - the costumes and designs were inspired by ancient New Kingdom art. *click Here*

Video podcast about the ancient Egyptian town of Kahun by Dr Joyce Tyldesley, Lecturer in Egyptology at the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology & Fellow of  The Manchester Museum.
*click Here*

Michael Palin -  BBC
Palin  has a guided tour around Karnak and the Valley of the Kings by a man who knew Howard Carter.
*click Here*

Founded in 1350 BC by the heretic king, Akhetaten Tell el-Amarna- the city of Akhetaten (The Horizon of the Aten) clip of interview with Egyptologist Dr. Kate Spence.
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 Imagining Egypt
The Czech language edition of Imagining Egypt will be publish next month
*Click Here* to read the Imagining Egypt Reviews
Dust jacket *Click Here*
*click here* to download three sample pages from Imagining Egypt.
*Click Here* to find out more about Imagining Egypt.

Images of the Masai Mara
II’ve been going through a few old boxes and found some greetings cards of paintings I made 26 years ago.

After my first expedition to Egypt in 1982 I travelled south and ended up in East Africa where I camped out on the Masai Mara for a month making drawings and paintings. These were part of my ‘Birds, Beasts and Fish’ exhibition in London, Paris and Taipei.

The cards are reproductions of a few of those images and only available to subscribers of this newsletter. There is only limited number on offer and when they’re gone they’re gone for ever.
*Click Here*

Andy Sheppard
I’ve recently made a redesign of the Andy Sheppard website.

Those of you who have the Discovering Egypt CD ROM and the special edition of Imagining Egypt will have heard his brilliant music.

You can now hear samples from many of his albums in the Discography & Samples section.
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Pharaoh's Treasure
Play Pharaoh's Treasure the free online game
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Worksheet Creator
If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator
*click Here* for help and updates.

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