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Newsletter 015

I’ve been busy on a number of projects since the last newsletter such as making illustrations for an Egyptology exhibition in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA which will be held next September (I’ll let you know more about it closer to the time), various temple reconstructions for magazines and  planning my next book (I’ve just signed up with a writer’s agent and will let you know when the new project gets under way).

This newsletter has items about the ancient Egyptian health system, news of the bent pyramid and Steven Day’s ancient Egyptian Forum

The featured website is the National Geographic’s Egypt Pyramids, you can also watch some of their videos and download ebooks about ancient Egypt as well as a free Audio book. Other free downloads include Egyptian hieroglyphic TrueType fonts, CamStudio and My Lockbox

Part Three of the Edfu reconstruction shows examples of stitching multiple photos to make super hi resolution images (you can do it yourself with Autostitch - there’s a download link for a  free copy of the software).

The news section has some interesting articles including computer tomography Images of an ancient Egyptian mummy  and there is a competition for kids.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter


Ancient Letters
The Ancient Egyptian health system was free to all and quite advance for its time. The pharaohs understood the value of a national heath care system which kept the nation able-bodied and fit for work. While some of the remedies were based on magic and superstition others, especially wounds to the flesh and bone were surprisingly effective and still in use today by the medical profession.

The Greek historian Diodorus Siculus on Egyptian Medicine

"Their remedies by which they prevent diseases include enemas, (flushing the bowel with liquids) fasting (dieting) and vomiting. These are at times applied daily at others they are suspended for three or four days.

They claim that the main part of food is surplus to requirements after digestion and diseases are born from this and can cause ill health.

On a military campaigns or journeys inside the country everybody must be healed free of charge by the physicians who receive their wages from the state.

The doctors follow a written law when healing which is composed by many of the most famous physicians. When following the laws which are read out from the holy book they are beyond guilt and safe from any accusation, even when they cannot save the patient.

But if they act counter to the regulations they are liable to mortal accusation, as the law giver was of the opinion that few would know more appropriate remedies than the procedures based on observations during many years and prescribed by the first masters of the art".

Historical Library, Vol.1 chapter 82 After a German translation by Julius Friedrich Wurm, 1827

Diodorus Siculus was a Sicilian Greek historian who lived from 90 to 21 BC His histories borrowed from other writers whose works are now lost. While not considered a great historian himself his work is a valuable record of the writers who came before him.

Edfu Reconstruction Part Three.
I’m often asked how i get  all the detail in my temple reconstructions and the answer is s a combination of observational drawing and photography.

I don’t make photographs in the normal way but use a trick of taking multiple photos of an object with each photo focusing in on a small part and then stitching all the separate photos together to make one fine detailed super high quality image.

I use Photoshop CS3 to achieve this but you can do it yourself using Autostitch which is free.

As you scroll through the Hi resolution photo of the Edfu pylon you might notice a group of holes in the face of Ptolemy. It looks like some musketeers had once used him for target practice.

Egyptian Videos
National Geographic Videos http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/player/places/countries-places/egypt/tombs-of-ancient-egypt.html

Egyptologist Nabil Swelim explains the meaning of hieroglyphs on Thutmose III’s obelisk and describes how it was once capped in electrum.

Ancient Egyptian News

Royal Pavilion & Museums, Brighton
Ancient Egypt comes to Brighton in the form of two new treasure chambers, packed with gems of ancient history. Brighton Museum has one of the largest Egyptology collections in southern England, with many important, fascinating and rare objects. Two brand new galleries now show off the best of the collection and offer plenty to appeal to visitors of all ages.

New Ancient Egypt galleries at Brighton Museum Open from Saturday 28 March 2009 Free admission

The Bent Pyramid.
Travelers to Egypt will soon be able to explore the inner chambers of the 4,500-year-old "bent" pyramid.

Tomb Rediscovered.

3,500-Year-Old Tomb of Amenhotep, the deputy seal-bearer for King Thutmose III has been rediscovered.

Mummy storeroom found in Egyptian tomb - About two dozen mummies discovered at site dating back 4,300 years

Computer Tomography Images of an Ancient Egyptian Mummy
*Click Here*

Audio books
Peeps at Many Lands
: Ancient Egypt
Baikie, James, 1866-1931
Written primarily for children, the Reverend James Baikie's 'peep' at ancient Egypt is an historical account. Although it is dated by the values of its time it’s still worth listening to  - Among other things it includes a description of the life of children in ancient Egypt.

01 - A Land of Old Renown
02 - A Day in Thebes
03 - A Day in Thebes, Continued

04 - Pharaoh at Home
05 - The Life of a Soldier
06 - Child-life in Ancient Egypt

07 - Some Fairy-tales of Long Ago
08 - Some Fairy-tales of Long Ago, Continued
09 - Exploring the Soudan

10 - A Voyage of Discovery
11 - Egyptian Books
12 - Temples and Tombs

13 - An Egyptian's Heaven

The Discovering Egypt Newsletter *Click Here*
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This is for children only – it’s too easy for adults. There will be three winners
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The Realm of Rameses
He truly lived a life of biblical proportions. Explore the world of Rameses the Great.
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Imagining Egypt
The Czech language edition of Imagining Egypt will be publish next month
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Featured Website
National Geographic: Egypt Pyramids This is a great pyramid resource with Facts, Photos and interactive Diagrams
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Egyptian Fonts
Jim Loy’s Egyptian hieroglyphicTrueType fonts

Here are two free eBooks – you will need Adobe Acrobat to see them but most web browser have the Acrobat reader installed by default.

Égypte (1911) this is in French but is illustrated with lots of black and white images Author: Maspero, G. (Gaston), 1846-1916
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The Armana Age - a study of the crisis of the Ancient World by Baikie, James 1926
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Free Stuff
My Lockbox is a security software program enabling you to password protect any folder on your computer. The program is effective, easy to use and best of all - it's free
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CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity as you work on your computer. It then creates industry-standard AVI video files. You can make demonstration videos of any software program or video tutorials for school and college classes.
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The catalogue of FREE no strings attached downloads has grown quite large over the past year so I’ve created a special one stop page where you can get them all.
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Ancient Egyptian’s Forum
This new message board is administered by Steven Day who has a passionate interest in ancient Egypt . The project is in its infancy with just 36 members  But Steve has created a solid mechanism which now needs more people to develop insightful content. He invites you to register and spend some time getting to know the rest of the group *Click Here*

Worksheet Creator
If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator
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