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Newsletter 017

I've got some great stuff in the this newsletter such as ancient Egyptian cats and dogs, a free desktop background, some updates for the Hieroglyphic Print Machine and some videos including an outstanding 40 minute lecture by Egyptologist Robert Brier, known as "Mr. Mummy".

I’ve also been checking out the developer’s version of Windows 7 and testing my software on it. For those of you who have had the misfortune to be running Vista (the worst operating system ever – I used it for two weeks and then went back to XP) there is good news - Windows 7 is excellent and will be available to the general public in October. There are sites in the UK where you can pre-order it now and save money. Type ‘pre order windows 7’ into Google – you can probably get the pre order deal in most countries.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter


Ancient Letters
Cats and Dogs

Cats (The ancient Egyptian word is meow) were domesticated from the wild during the Middle Kingdom (2125-15150 BC). However, I cohabit with a cat so I’m not convinced by the word ‘domesticated’ it’s more likely that cats moved in with humans to enjoy an easy life and we could not resist their charms. I don’t think they did much work in those days either because ferrets were used to keep the granaries free from rats and mice. The first cat known by name was Nedjem - from the reign of Thutmose III (1479-1425 BC). Of course your common tabby was not good enough for pharaoh who kept cheetahs as house cats. Ramesses II even had a tame lion lounging around the palace.

Cats were so cleaver they fooled us gullible humans into believing them sacred; Diodorus Siculus describes the people’s anger when a cat was killed. “The killer of a cat or an ibis has to die, whether he killed the animal on purpose or by mistake; a crowd gathers and without any decision of a judge they maltreat the perpetrator in the cruelest way.”

Herodotus describes how the Egyptians mourned the death of a family cat. “In every house that a cat has died those who dwell in that house shave their eyebrows, but those in which a dog has died shave their whole body and also their head.”

So the Egyptians worshiped their cats but preferred dogs as pals, as well as hunting companions and sometimes were buried with their dogs. Abuwtiyuw, a greyhound-like dog even had his own tomb. “His Majesty ordered that his guard dog Abuwtiyuw be given a coffin from the royal treasury, fine linen in great quantity, incense, perfumed ointment and that a tomb be built for him by the gang of masons. His Majesty did this for him in order that he might be honoured.”

Hieroglyphic Print Machine version 2 Update
Here are the first updates and downloads for the Hieroglyphic Print Machine V2

Update one 1st August 2009 - 11 new cartouches for you to use in your designs.

Hieroglyphic Print Machine T-Shirt Video Demo -  A demonstration showing how to make a T-Shirt design using the Hieroglyphic Print Machine V2

If you are sending a secret message to your friends you might find it useful to give them the Decipher file. With the link below they can download the Hieroglyphic Print Machine Decipher in the PDF format and will be able to translate your message. http://www.discoveringegypt.com/book/Hieroglyphic_Print_Machine_Decipher.pdf

You can now write secret ancient Egyptian messages to your friends and have fun creating all sorts Egyptian themed stuff with your printer.

Egyptian Videos
Video lecture by Egyptologist Robert Brier, known as "Mr. Mummy," one of the world's foremost experts on mummies, describes how he mummified a human cadaver using ancient Egyptians techniques.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Satellite Tour http://www.discoveringegypt.com/Egyptian_Videos/Seven_Wonders.html

Ancient Egypt Video Gallery from the discovery channel http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/egypt/videogallery/videogallery.html

Missing pyramid 'found'

Ancient Egyptian News

Ancient Egyptian News
Ancient Egyptians unwrapped: CT scans reveal shrouded secrets of 2,000-year-old mummies

The Scots and the lost city of Egypt
A SCOTTISH archaeological expedition, operating on a shoestring budget, has uncovered an ancient Egyptian city.

Ancient Egypt Temples Found at Gateway Fortress

Mummified falcons and vultures found in Tombs - La Tercera


An administrative building more than 3600 years old Discovered in Aswan


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Ancient Egypt Film Site
The Ancient Egypt Film Site offers an overview of motion pictures and TV movies with an ancient Egyptian theme.
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My software tested on Windows 7
All of the below titles have been full tested and work ok on Windows 7
Hieroglyphic Print Machine V1 (comes free with Imagining Egypt)
Hieroglyphic Print Machine V2
Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator
Egyptian Calculator
Game of Senet
Andy Sheppard’s The Birds
Discovering Ancient Egypt
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Free Stuff
TrueSpace is one of the software packages I use to make my 3D temple reconstructions. You can now get a version for free. But be warned there is a very steep learning curve if you’ve not used this sort of software before. *Click Here*

Here are some video training courses *Click Here*

The catalogue of FREE no strings attached downloads has grown quite large over the past year so I’ve created a special one stop page where you can get them all.
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Images of Cleopatra
Images of Cleopatra through the Ages - Photo Essays by TIME
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