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Newsletter 018

In this newsletter there is a detailed translation of a Scarab inscription (commemorating the marriage of Amenhotep III), two full length History Channel video documentaries; the Rosetta Stone and the Great Library of Alexandria, a round up of Ancient Egyptian Magazines and more.

Many of you emailed me to say how much you enjoyed the Robert Brier’s video in issue 17 so if you missed it here is the link

I’ve been reading Sir Winston Churchill’s History of the Second World War –a first class genius who was rightly awarded the Nobel prize for literature. I’ve read many books on WWII and I recommend Churchill’s as essential reading for anyone interested in the subject. So I’ve included some links below where you get the books in paperback and as audio books.

Hope you enjoy the newsletter


Ancient Letters

Scarab inscription - the marriage of Amenhotep III

*Click Here* to see full text. The fist part is made up of pharaoh’s names, Which are partly a political statement of intent.
Live Horus: Mighty bull appearing in truth; - The king is the incarnation of ‘Horus’, who was the husband of the cow goddess Hathor therefore ‘Mighty Bull’ and ‘Truth’ or Maat is the essence of this king’s rule and he is telling us that he’s strong and honorable.

Two Ladies: Who establishes laws, who pacifies the Two Lands; - The two ladies Nekhbet the vulture deity of Upper Egypt and Wadjet the cobra deity of Lower Egypt protect the king. This king maintains law and justice and keeps peace in the two lands.

Gold Horus: Great of strength, who smites the Asiatics - The Golden Horus Name means like gold, the king is eternal and cannot be destroyed. Although he claims to be a conqueror of Asiatics there is little evidence for any military campaigns so this a bit of PR emphasising Egypt’s rule over the countries to the north.

The king of Upper and Lower Egypt, lord of the Two Lands: Nebmaatra; - This is his official throne name meaning the ‘Lord of Truth is Ra’ and was taken on his coronation.

Son of Ra: Amenhotep ruler of Waset , given life, - His personal name, which was given at birth is ‘Amun is Satisfied’ his father is the god Ra and he is the ruler of Waset which is the Egyptian name for Thebes

and the great king's wife Tiy (may she live!).  - Tiy is the great wife of the king and mother of the future king Akenaten

The name of her father is Yuia, the name of her mother is Tjuia.
Yuia was the Master of Horse, chancellor of the North and a priest of both Hermonthis and Amun. His mummified remains indicate that he was of Indo-European stock, probably Hurrian. This particular ethnic group served in the Egyptian cavalry. His wife, Tjuia, was of Egyptian descent.

She is the wife of a mighty king, his southern boundary reaches to Karoy, and the northern to Naharina. - Karoy south of Kush, Nubia (modern Sudan) was a staging post for Egyptian overland trade with Punt.  The Naharin or Mitanni were an Indo-European (Hurrian) people whose kingdom was in northern Mesopotamia (modern Syria). They were conquered by the Hittite King Suppiluliumas during the reign of Akhenaten

Hieroglyphic Print Machine version 2 Update
Here is the second download for the Hieroglyphic Print Machine.

Update two 11th September 2009 - 11 images of the gods to use in your designs. (These images are base on the illustrations I made for my book Imagining Egypt.)


T-Shirt Video Demo - *Click Here* 

You can now write secret ancient Egyptian messages to your friends and have fun creating all sorts Egyptian themed stuff with your printer. http://shop.discoveringegypt.com/printmachine2.html

Egyptian Videos Two History Channel documentaries

The Great Library of Alexandria. Built by Alexander the Great’s general Ptolemy I it was the most important place of learning in the ancient world. It not only contained the works of the Egyptians and Greeks including Euclid, Diogenes, Aristarchus, Eratosthenes and Archimedes but also the literary works of other ancient cultures such as Babylonian texts and the Hebrew Bible.

The Rosetta Stone The story of the most important archaeological artefact in the world, which enabled the decipherment of Egyptian hieroglyphs, starts with Napoleon’s expedition to Egypt in 1798. Through the fortunes of war it came into the hands of the British who made copies and distributed them throughout Europe. From these copies Tomas Young and Jean-François Champollion were able to decode the sacred script of the Egyptians

Ancient Egyptian Magazines and Journals
I thought is might be useful to have a round up of Magazines so you can see what’s out there. If you know of any not shown below please let me know and I’ll include them in the next newsletter.

Archaeology Magazine – I’ve not read this publication but it has an excellent website which includes ‘Interactive Digs’ - you get full access to frequently updated field notes, Q&A with archaeologists and personal journals – check out the Hierakonpolis dig. http://www.archaeology.org/

Archaeology's Egypt Special Issue

KMT - A Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt This publication has thousands of readers worldwide and I’m one of them http://www.kmtjournal.com

ANCIENT EGYPT - The History, People and Culture of the Nile Valley This is another magazine I occasionally dip into. http://www.ancientegyptmagazine.co.uk

Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections -  JAEI is an online publication in pdf format, which combines Egyptian, Mediterranean, Near Eastern, and African studies. I was recently given some sample articles including an interesting paper examining Sir Arthur Evans theories on the relationship between Minoan and Egyptian religion.

British Museum Online journals (Free) - The British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES) presents research on all aspects of ancient Egypt and SudanAn example: - Hieratic Inscriptions from the Quarry at Qurna

Journal of Egyptian History I’ve not read this but it has been recommended as a worthy publication.

Because there are a considerable number of none English speaking subscribers to this newsletter I’ve included some foreign language publications. However, I’m unable to comment on their quality having not read them.

Toutankhamon Magazine -  tout savoir sur l'Egypte des Pharaons http://toutankhamonmag.free.fr/

Ägypten Magazin

Foro Egipto

Revista Esfinge


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Ancient Egyptian News

Lost Egypt coming to Cincinnati Museum Center. *Click Here*

Historic Travel 101: What are some of the best museums to visit?
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Egyptian tombs to close forever Three burial sites – including Tutankhamun's – to be shut *Click Here*

Free Stuff
XBMC is an award-winning free media player and entertainment hub for digital media. XBMC is available for Linux, OSX, Windows, and the original Xbox.

The catalogue of FREE no strings attached downloads has grown quite large over the past year so I’ve created a special one stop page where you can get them all.
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You tube – I’ve been running my own You Tube channel for a while if you would like to see some of the movies I’ve accumulated *Click Here* 

Sir Winston Churchill’s History of the Second World War.
Volume 1: The Gathering Storm
Volume 2: Their Finest Hour
Volume 3: The Grand Alliance
Volume 4: The Hinge of Fate
Volume 5: Closing the Ring
Volume 6: Triumph and Tragedy

Sir Winston Churchill’s History of the Second World War Audible book
If you’re in the UK

If you’re in the USA

Sir Winston Churchill’s History of the Second World War abridged

Worksheet Creator
If you own a copy of the Egyptian Math Worksheet Creator
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