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Newsletter 020

This is the first newsletter of 2010 with some excellent items to kick off the New Year; there is the autobiography of the swaggering show off Ankhtifi, some Free PDF books & magazines, lots of news and videos and John Romer's Ancient Lives which is now available on DVD.

The reason I’m so late with this first 2010 edition is because I’ve been busy working late nights creating 82 new hieroglyphs and a book for the Hieroglyphic Print Machine – see below. This is the first expansion pack of the Gardiner’s Signs List - the aim is to eventually create the complete list as plug-ins for the Hieroglyphic Print Machine.

So here’s wishing you a prosperous New Year and I hope you enjoy this newsletter.


Ancient Letters

The Autobiography of Ankhtifi
Ankhtifi lived during the First Intermediate Period after the collapsed of the Old Kingdom when Egypt had fallen into civil chaos and famine. He was the provincial governor of Hierakonpolis and supporter of the Herakleopolitan 10th dynasty which was fighting the Theban 11th Dynasty of Mentuhotep I and Intef I for control of all Egypt. He engraved the walls of his tomb with an account of his schemes to re-establishing order in the land, his struggles against Thebes and the horrendous suffering of the Egyptian people.

“I reached the west bank of the Theban province and my courageous crack troops, yes my bold crack troops, ventured to the west and east looking for an open battle. But no one dared to come out from Thebes because they were afraid of my troops.”

Ankhtifi did not suffer from false modesty and he’s keen to make us aware of his worth. “I was the beginning and the end of mankind, since nobody like myself existed before nor will he exist; nobody like me was ever born nor will he be born. I surpassed the feats of the ancestors, and coming generations will not be able to equal me in any of my feats within this million of years.”

However, despite being a swaggering show-off it appears that he eased the suffering of his own people
. “My barley went upstream until it reached lower Nubia and downstream until it reached Abydene. All of Upper Egypt was dying of hunger and people were eating their children, but I did not allow anyone to die of hunger in my nome.”

He needed to exaggerate his virtues for the benefit of the gods who judged his soul so preventing the cannibalism of children might have been a favourable decider in the Hall of Judgment. But just in case we doubt his lack of humility he asserts “I am the hero without equal.”

Nowadays he would probably be one of those narcissistic American senators, a self-righteous Member of the British Parliament or an arrogant French politician. Of course none of these mediocrities will be remembered in 3000 years.
So Ankhtifi is probably correct with his outrageous claims.

Hieroglyphic Print Machine version 2
I’ve just completed an expansion pack plug-in for the Hieroglyphic Print Machine V2 - Gardiner’s List A and B Signs containing 72 glyphs - Man & his occupations and Woman & her occupations. Plus 10 extra glyphs which are not included in the Gardiner Sign list. It also includes a booklet which contains information about the glyphs and examples of their use.

T-Shirt Video Demo - *Click Here* 

You can now write secret ancient Egyptian messages to your friends and have fun creating all sorts Egyptian themed stuff with your printer. http://shop.discoveringegypt.com/printmachine2.html

Egyptian Videos
King Tut's Treasures - Dr Janice Kamrin
Tutankhamun's treasures in the Egyptian Museum.

Tutankhamun's Tomb House of Gold
Fiona, 8th Countess of Carnarvon, takes us into the recreated tomb of King Tutankhamun at Highclere Castle, and explains what some of the wall paintings mean.

Discovery of an Intact Tomb at Saqqara
Dr Zahi Hawass takes us inside a tomb in Saqqara where his team smash their way through a limestone sarcophagus breaking the lid in two.

I’ve reorganised the main video page on my website to make it easier to sort through the videos and also included more background info on the featured Egyptologists.

Ancient Egyptian News
Egypt wants the Rosetta Stone and the Nefertiti bust but I think the betting public should put their money on a snowfall in Luxor.

I don’t like to say this, but having seen some of the conservation techniques practised in Egypt these precious relics are better of where they are for the time being.

The quest to regain Egypt's antiquities

Egypt to demand the Rosetta Stone from British Museum

Museum director defends right to Nefertiti bust

Bad teeth tormented ancient Egyptians.

Egypt discovers new workers' tombs near pyramids
(skip the annoying advertising screen)

Cleopatra Exhibition at Philadelphia's Franklin Institute
Spring 2010

Stanford scans of mummy
to be featured in San Francisco museum exhibition

Dr Granville’s mummy was killed by TB, not a tumour.

Did Howard Carter Steal from King Tut's Tomb.
I think he probably did – he was an archaeologist not a saint.

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Ancient Egyptian Sea Power and the Origin of Maritime Forces
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John Romer's Ancient Lives
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Ancient Egypt Magazine Volume 7 Issue 2

Snefru and Netjerikhet pyramids
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Swamp Plants In Ancient Egypt
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