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Papyri translations, which have been edited to make them easy for the modern reader.

Newsletter 022

Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes is now published and available. I invested the earnings from the pre order sales into increasing the print run so you will be able to obtain a copy if you missed out. You can also download the cover as a desktop background for free.

I'm currently working on a version of Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes and a Senet game for the iPad.

I've been using the iPad for about a month and can see all sorts of potential for it. I like it but on my Blog I’ve made some scathing comments about over excited Apple fans who need to calm down. Check out the amazing video of David Kassan doing a finger painting on his iPad. (My Blog)

I've also been taking a look in the app store and found some Egyptian stuff for the iPad - you'll find reviews below.

The iPad does not run Flash on web pages so I’m in the process of changing the website to make it more iPad compatible. It will still have the same functionality but will use jQuery instead of Flash. The Hieroglyphic slide show on this page is an example of jQuery. http://www.discoveringegypt.com/hiero1.htm

Ancient Letters

The Instruction of Dua-Khety

Dua-Khety sent his son to school and gave him a list of terrible jobs he might end up having to endure if he failed to make the grade. "It is to writings that you must set your mind. Observe the man who has been carried off to a work force."

The list is interesting - the descriptions of occupations give an insight to life in ancient Egypt. Here are a few examples: - The brick layer's life was to be avoided at all costs "His kidneys are painful; he is outside in the wind and lays bricks without a garment. His belt is a cord for his back, a string for his buttocks and his strength has vanished through fatigue and stiffness, He eats bread with his fingers, although he washes himself but once a day. "

And the work of the smith was not to be recommended. "I have seen a coppersmith at his work at the door of his furnace. His fingers were like the claws of the crocodile, and he stank more than fish excrement. "

Hair dressers did not have a salon in those days - they had to walk the street to get trade. "The barber must be up early, crying out, his bowl upon his arm. He takes himself from street to street to seek out someone to shave. He wears out his arms to fill his belly, like bees who eat only according to their work and he shaves until the end of the evening."

Even the more interesting professions which included travel were fraught with danger. "The courier goes abroad after handing over his property to his children, being fearful of the lions and the Asiatics."

My new book - Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes - consists of ancient Egyptian Papyri translations, which have been edited to make them easy for the modern reader.

It's the Ancient Egyptians in their own words supported with background text and full colour illustrations.>

"Truly fascinating; Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes reaches back across millennia to connect the reader with real individuals and their vivid lives."

New Egyptian Videos

Egypt Wants Treasures Back

http://www.discoveringegypt.com/Egyptian_Videos/Egypt_ Wants_Treasures_Back.html

The Lost Tombs of Thebes

Underwater Archaeology Excavating the Nile

New Egypt Royal Pyramid Found.
Ancient Egyptian News
Mummies galore: 57 ancient Egyptian tombs discovered in
secret underground network

Lost ancient Memphis tomb rediscovered

New Pyramid Found in Egypt: 4,300-Year-Old Queen's Tomb

Headless Egypt King Statue Found; Link to Cleopatra's Tomb?

Egyptian blue found in Romanesque altarpiece

Pictures: Ancient Egypt Crocodile Mummies Revealed
High-resolution scans of the wrapped Crocodile mummy

Radar imaging reveals ancient Egyptian underground city

Cleopatra 'was killed by a cocktail of drugs - not a snake bite

Secrets surrounding Seti I's tomb tunnel revealed in Egypt
Egyptian Apps for the Iphone, Ipod and Ipad

IEgyptian - this is a nice little app - useful if you're travelling to Egypt. The subjects covered are - Government, News, History, Cities, Tourism, Food and artists. The app takes all of its content from Wikipedia which is its weakness - Wiki can sometimes lack authority. However, the app cost 59p (in UK money) so is excellent value for money.

Cairo is a labyrinthine city of bewildering complexity where traffic lights are mere decoration. So here are a few apps to help you get about.

Cairo Manual (£1.19) - supplies a Cairo map, subway information, hotel information, phone directory, simple local language, food information and travel guide.

ProGuides – Cairo (59p) - Introduction to the local culture and history, Travel Tips, Find out where to eat, sleep, and drink. http://ax.itunes.apple.com/gb/app/proguides-cairo/id323393837?mt=8#

Lonely Planet Cairo City Guide (£3.49) - guidebook on your iPhone, best places to see, shop, eat, drink and fully searchable. There’s no need to go online to access detailed street maps. Probably the best of the Cairo guides. http://ax.itunes.apple.com/gb/app/lonely-planet-cairo-city-guide/id337632949?mt=8#

Alexandria Sights – (£1.19) a navigation tool and map to help you locate Museums, statues, theatres, gardens, parks and monuments. http://ax.itunes.apple.com/gb/app/alexandria-sights/id343863690?mt=8#

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Anecdotes Desktop Background
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Amarna – 3D Reconstruction
The Daughter of Amun
A subscriber to this newsletter, Cherie Baker, has just published a novel about the life and times of Queen Hatshepsut. I've not had a chance to read it yet you can
check it out here >

Hieroglyphic Print Machine version 2

You can now write secret ancient Egyptian messages to your friends and have fun creating all sorts Egyptian themed stuff with your printer.
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Free Google Book
The Great Belzoni: The Circus Strongman Who Discovered Egypt's Treasures

Dating Egyptian Pharaohs
scientists have perfected a radiocarbon dating method to put exact dates on ancient Egyptian history.
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The Pyramid Builders Cemetery
Pharaonic women also participated in the construction of the Pyramid side by side with the men
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Imagining Egypt
The Czech language edition of Imagining Egypt will be publish next month
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Here are two books in the ePub format which can be read on you computer with Adobe Digital Editions or on your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Egyptian Tales, Translated from the Papyri IVth to XIIth dynasty

Egyptian Tales, Translated from the Papyri XVIIIth to XIXth dynasty

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