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Some subscribers have enquired why no newsletter this year, for which I must apologise. The answer is I’ve been involved in a number of time consuming projects  to do with my normal job and not concerning ancient Egypt. However, I have worked on a few Egyptian projects in my, inadequate, spare time. This week I completed the Hieroglyphic Typewriter, ‘Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes the Blackberry Playbook edition’ and a Blackberry Playbook version of Senet. In the works is an eBook on hieroglyphs and I’m also writing a digital graphic novel with illustrator Sheila Cartwright.

My best wishes to the Egyptian people and their struggle for a democracy. My hope is that the religious nutters don’t benefit between now and the elections. Of all the place on the world the thought of power, in Egypt, going to the kind of people who destroyed the magnificent Bamiyan Statues in Afganistan is more than a little disturbing.

Aftershocks of freedom

Is Egypt ready for tourists?

Reward for looted ancient Egyptian artefacts


Ancient Letters

The Lamp Inquiry

The Egyptians believed that their environment was inhabited by supernatural powers after all the life-giving light of god was a physical presence in the sky. They tried to influence these forces with magic, which could only be performed after elaborate purification procedures; all those involved and their surroundings had to be spiritually cleansed. To achieve this blessed state, magicians sometimes enlisted the help of a medium such as a young boy who was pure in mind and body.

"You go to a clean, dark cell and dig a new hole in the east wall. You take a white lamp, its wick being clean, and fill it with clean, genuine Oasis oil. You recite the spell ‘Praising Ra Rising at Dawn’ and bring the lighted lamp opposite the sun reciting the precise spells four times. You take the lamp into the cell to the boy who has his eyes closed. Put pure frankincense on the brazier and place your fingers on the boy’s head. You say the spells seven times, and when you have finished, tell him to open his eyes towards the lamp and he will see the shadow of the god around the lamp. He will then inquire for you concerning that which you desire.
From Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes

Completed Projects

Hieroglyphic Typewriter

The Hieroglyphic Typewriter is still a work in progress – I call this version Beta 1.

There are two keyboards the default QWERTY keyboard has Alphabet Symbols with some phonetic cheats for ‘e’ ‘v’ and ‘x’. The second keyboard is activated with the ‘Up Arrow’ and this has numbers from 1 to one million. I filled the extra eleven keys with words such as ‘Greetings’ and ‘male/female’ there are also ‘print’ and ‘email’ keys Please feel free to suggest alternative words I’ll include the most popular requests in future updates. http://www.discoveringegypt.com/http://www.discoveringegypt.com/hieroglyphic-typewriter.html

Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes for the BlackBerry
The special BlackBerry PlayBook digital edition of Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes is now available and has extra material not in the printed edition. It’s free until September 2011.
Some reviewers seem to think there is no zoom function – Zoom is controlled with the plus and minus symbols situated in the bottom corners of the screen.

If you don’t have a Playbook you can get the Paperback here

My friend Simon Booth and I made a version of Senet also for the BlackBerry PlayBook. You can get it for free here

If you don’t have a Playbook you can get a PC version here

You can get a glimpse of two current projects – an eBook on hieroglyphs and ‘The Treasure Thieves’ - a digital graphic novel I’m writing with illustrator Sheila Cartwright

I'm also involved in a Film Project called "The Golden Empire." 
It is a fantasy adventure about the ancient Medjay. 

New Egyptian Videos

Official Agora Trailer English HD

A short animation about the Getty Museum's Romano-Egyptian mummy Herakleides.
Ancient Egyptian News

Sad News

13-metre (42 foot) tall statue of Amenhotep III unearthed

Autopsy of Egyptian Princess Mummy

In the Blink of an Eye.
From Eye Inlays to the Artificial Eye Neues Museum
Tue 19 April - Sun 17 July 2011 http://www.smb.museum/smb/kalender/details.php?objID=32269

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Anecdotes Desktop Background
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Nubian Kush Conquers Egypt - The Kush moved north in 747 BCE and conquered Egypt.
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Hieroglyphic Print Machine version 2

You can now write secret ancient Egyptian messages to your friends and have fun creating all sorts Egyptian themed stuff with your printer.
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T-Shirt Video Demo -
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Egypt Exploration Society
the leading UK organisation carrying out archaeological fieldwork and research in Egypt today
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Tour Egypt
Egyptian based Website useful for Tours, Vacations and ancient history
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Apps for the iPad
Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt HD - Enter the land of Pharaohs and Pyramids and begin your journey to become ancient Egypt's greatest architect. 

Britannica Kids - Ancient Egypt

Deskplorers Egyptians

Imagining Egypt
The Czech language edition of Imagining Egypt will be publish next month
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